Senior Designing: Robot Arm Style

March 13, 2012 github, projects, embedded

Arm 3D viewFor my ECE senior design project I’m building a robotic arm for the NCSU Terrestrial Robotics Club as they take on the University Rover Challenge

Ever wanted a high-strength robotic arm that’s made entirely of 3D prtinted and laser-cut parts and off-the-shelf compodents and electronics? I have, and that’s why I’m building it with my group of 4.

I put together a google site page to keep track of the project’s status and eventually host tutorials, APIs, and other documents you’ll need to build your own! Check it out.

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Flying at Dorathea

March 13, 2012 youtube, flying

The NCSU Aerial Robotics team went out to Dorothea to fly a few weekends ago, and RJ brought his 18 pound 88” wingspan 60cc Extra 300. Add my gopro, some handy ground footage, and a dubstep remix of ‘fly like an eagle’ and you get this:

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New video: slow motion quadcopter flying in EB2

September 08, 2011 youtube, flying

This was taken on my friend Hardik’s Canon 60D. Music is from the band State Radio and the song: Wicker Plane.

I used ffmpeg extensively to get the 60fps video to slow-mo 30fps, then ffmpeg again to extract the audio to wav, then Sound Studio (mac app) to resample the audio to the same speed as the video. Next I used Sound Studio to splice, in rythem, the intro, solo, and final few seconds of ‘Wicker Plane’ together, then mix it together with the slow-mo sound of my quad and just imovie to put together the timeline of video.

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ARM7 mini quad with xbee remote

January 29, 2011 projects, youtube, flying, embedded, xbee

Also take a look at the DIY-drones post I made, (it made it to the front page!).

Using an Phillips NXP LPC20148 ARM7 processor, a Nintendo Wii motion+, and some xbees I’ve made a really stable platform for quads. (mode details here) It is running FreeRTOS which makes it very expandable in the future. My old frame flew great with it, but I wanted something smaller. Enter my new carbon fiber mini-quad:

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