Starting Over (this site)

August 01, 2014

My web site,, has been down for 6 months. It’s time I fixed it.

Wha’ ‘ha happened wuz

My server was a intel atom nettop running behind someone’s desk back in North Carolina.

They got a new desk.

My site went down.

My sever disappeared.

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Damn useful SMS conversion

July 30, 2014

Getting a new iPhone or Android phone? Leaving Google Voice? Want a searchable CSV, JSON, or XML file of your conversations? Making a sweet app and you want to run on all your past texts at once? Want to move all your messages from your past into a new, date-sorted, database?

git clone
cd SMS-Tools
python iphone.db androids.xml android.db out.csv

Imported. Normalized. Sorted. Exported. Easy.

Go clone it at

Convert your message history between: - iOS 5, 6, and 7 databases directly (from backup or from your jailbroken phone directly) - Android mmssms.db database (directly from phone) - Android XML from the SMS Backup & Restore app - CSV files - JSON files - google voice data dump (see more details below)

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Talk on Drones at the IFTF

March 18, 2014

I gave this talk at the Institute for the Future back in January. It’s on drones / UAVs / sUAVs, their past and what they can do today. I gave a call-to-build to make these things yourself and understand the whole system.

Full link: – See the other talks at the IFTF site.

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