August 07, 2014

Universal SMS Conversion Tool

Edit: Now available in pip, just pip install smstools.

Working on a project at INQ Mobile I started this tool to convert downloaded Google Voice messages to native Android smsmms.db sqlite databases. I was doing local analytics and wanted a big real-world dataset. I built what I called Android-SMS-DB-importer to import six years of SMS history from two iPhones, Google Voice, and Android into one Android smsmms.db file. Since then I’ve expanded the tool’s scope to be a universal SMS translator.

There are lots of real use cases for such a tool. Migrating from/to iPhone from/to Android? Leaving Google Voice? Want a searchable CSV, JSON, or XML file of your conversations? Also making a sweet SMS processing app and you want to run on all your past texts at once? Want to move all your messages from your past into a new, date-sorted, database? It should be ready to roll.

pip install smstools
smstools iphone.db androids.xml android.db out.csv

Imported. Normalized. Sorted. Exported. Easy.

Go clone it at

Convert your message history between: - iOS 5, 6, and 7 databases directly (from backup or from your jailbroken phone directly) - Android mmssms.db database (directly from phone) - Android XML from the SMS Backup & Restore app - CSV files - JSON files - google voice data dump (see more details below)

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