July 27, 2014

Starting Over (this site)

My web site, t413.com, has been down for 6 months. It’s time I fixed it.

What happened?

My server was a intel atom nettop running behind someone’s desk back in North Carolina.

They got a new desk.

My site went down.

My server disappeared.

Why was I running my site like that?

Lots of reasons. I was hosting several hundred gigabytes of photos which would have been prohibitively expensive to host anywhere else. Running my own server was a great teaching tool and challenge when I was in middle school and I kept the habit all through college and beyond.

Now-adays I don’t want to pay for rack space for a personal gallery and deal with the very very real problem of security on my own box. Github pages to the rescue!

Yeah yeah. There were tens of thousands of priceless images, carefully curated, that told the story of my middle school, high school and college life. They showed the world around me and highlighted communities I think are great. I put years of work into developing the style, technology, and photography that went into it.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a few backups. I’ll do something with them.

What’s next?

Dunno. Haven’t written that far ye

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